WHERE DO YOU get YOUr suits?

 Well, my suits are custom made. Most of my blazers I purchase from the women's section in H&M, Asos, and thrift stores.


where can I find shoes that fit me? I have small feet.

If you're a size 7 and under in Men's, I would recommend buying from the women's sizes from brands that provide similar shoes for men and women. Grenson is a great example of that, it's the exact same shoe last, there is no difference at all except that they're made in smaller sizes. Other brands that offer some small size are Asos, Taft, 

Will you start the Dapper chicks in other cities/countries? 

I would love to, but it requires a lot of man power. If you're interested in starting one in your city, find a group of women who are well dre


can i model for your brand?

The outfits section of my blog, Style, is my personal style. I wear the clothes I love and photograph them. No model has ever been hired to appear on A Dapper Chick.


can you style me? how much do you charge?

Sure! I offer styling services, and my prices vary depending on what you're looking for. Send me a quick email with the subject "Styling Services", and we can go from there :).



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