À L' Orange

Photo Credit: Debbie Lemonte of DAG iMages


H&M (shirt, sweater, cardigan, denim) |  ZARA (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch)

What a day!

I have to get this off my chest, so I'm going to vent. It was quite an eventful day. I woke up in a very chipper mood and a positive mindset. The day started out great, I had a successful meeting and photo shoot. And just as I was ready to have a lunch date (sushi) with my lady, the worst possible thing ever happened to me. I LOST MY PHONE (gasp!). It was quite an adventure tracking it down, and I will admit that I may have shed a tear - ok, maybe a couple. Thanks to the amazing detective skills of my woman and the Find My iPhone App, Sara's phone has safely returned home. I'm very grateful and happy.

I'm convinced that you can all relate to my pain.

This #ootd about "the chase". "What does she mean?", you may be wondering. Well, it's about going after what you want in life. Whether it's that girl or guy you believe is out your league, that degree you think you can't earn, or the goals you presume you'll never reach, I say go for it. 

Blue, all day, everyday. I'm wearing a pair of lightly washed, bright blue denim jeans with a striped shirt and sweater. Notice how the size of the patterns differ, it is to prevent them from clashing. It's definitely cooler now and layers are a must, therefore I picked up this dark gray cardigan. I could've worn a black one, but I wanted a softer touch. I like to keep things simple with a classic, elegant watch.

This story is that of how in pursuit of happiness, you should take risks because the outcome may surprise you.  

P.S: Never give up the chase.



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