Bienvenue Automne

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H&M (sweater, denim, tie) | EDWARDS (shirt) | ZARA (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch) 

With open arms, I welcome you, Fall.

I'm a little weird. Literally, I am. I am always colder than everybody else; I do not know exactly why that is the case. Think about this, when it's about 60 degrees, it feels like 50 to me which is why I love the art of layering, the knitwear, the sweaters, etc...

I've officially retired most of my light fabrics and for this look,  I brought out the knitted sweater. 

This #ootd is about the links between connections and communication. Can you connect the dots of my tie? I'm surrounded with positive people and energy, and I strive to establish a connection with more people everyday.

The look is very business casual and simple. I'm wearing a pair of blue denim jeans with a solid white shirt. The sweater, which although hinted with blue, adds a bit of a gray-ish look. I chose the blue brogue boots and of course, my favorite watch to link all the pieces together. This story is that of how "Communication is the #1 key to preemptive actions" - Talia Berman



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