Camouflage Crimson

Photo Credit: Debbie Lemonte of DAG iMages


21MEN (camo vest), H&M (denim, shirt, hat), ASOS (watch), ALDO (belt), ZARA (shoes)

This is one of my favorite looks. I'm about to share a little secret with you. Get ready...

I'm very visual, there I said it. I can definitely say that my way of picking out my #ootd can be considered just a tiny bit weird. The real not-so-juicy-secret is that I figure out what to wear in the shower. You know how singers start out in the shower, I do too, except I don't sing. My tuneful voice is thinking about clothes, shoes, and colors. Now that I've exposed my dirty laundry, maybe you'd like to share a little something about yourself in the comments. C'mon, spill the beans!

Naturally, green and red are complimentary colors. When I purchased this camouflage vest [Secret: you can also get it here ON SALE], I didn't quite know how I wanted to wear it. I'm happy I still got it because this look is killer. With this #ootd, I focused on emphasizing the details. Dark blue jeans as a neutral base for the more vivid overlay of colors. As for the bag, the belt, the watch, and the shoes? They act in unison while accentuating the crimson hue of the shirt. The socks and the hat are the extra touches in making the whole appearance more cohesive. This story is that of how I've chosen to always exude confidence in all aspects of my life.




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