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H&M (shirt, denim) | XIOS (sweater) | ALDO (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch)

BROOKLYN SERIES. Take 2. Action!

I'm seeing a whole different side of Brooklyn, and I must concede that I am loving it. 

This #ootd is about the "45 Seconds of Zen". Outside of the blogging world, I work in the restaurant industry. Before every service, we have what we call "Lineup". Lineup is basically a meeting highlighting what's up for the night - menu changes, new beverages, etc. We also talk about a service point. A service point may be a quote, an idea, or even lyrics - it relates to what we do on a day-to day basis, and how we can apply it into our realm of service.

Let's pretend this is our lineup and the service point of the day is, of course, 45 Seconds of Zen. What it means is that when things start to get chaotic and feel overwhelming, stop, take a few seconds and breathe. Only then can you refocus by prioritizing your needs and seeking help.

Super relaxed. I'm wearing a really casually dapper attire - I'm amazed at my rhyming skills, ha. I  wanted to rock my sneakers, so I made them the main focus of my outfit. They are tricolored with two different shades of blue denim, and a yellow tongue. For a cool effect, I chose my polka dot shirt to pair with my washed jeans. Pop goes that yellow sweater!

This story is that of how when you feel like the world is crumbling around you, take 45 Seconds of Zen to reevaluate the situation, and it will start to get better.



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