In collaboration with Benjamin Bayle & Harrison Blake


Women's Equality


Dapper Chicks of New York is a project I created to bring a community together. We are uniting to showcase individuality, and style. We are all different chicks, but we do have one common thing that binds us all together. We love fashion. We love men's fashion.

In this day and age, women are still experiencing inequality. Whether it be in workplace, at home, or in society, inequality exists. Some women earn less than men they share a title with, some women aren't offered the opportunity to step up even when they're overqualified, and some women experience discrimination because they're, well, just women. It's not fair and we say NO.

Within DCNY, we've all experienced that inequality in our respective lives. We've encountered it as a group as well with labels and vilifications. We do not wish to be seen as the chicks trying to be dudes because we are not. We want to empower and inspire women to stay true to themselves and follow their dreams. We are standing up for all women around the world to fight for equality.  

We are women. We are dapper. We are proud.


A huge thank you to Benjamin Bayle and Harrison Blake for sponsoring this movement.

Photographer: Debbie-Jean Lemonte of DAG IMAGES